Genuine Borrani 2 Ear Spinner Cufflinks


The Borrani 2 Ear Spinner cufflinks not only replicate the spinners on the famous Borrani wheels, resplendent on many a Ferrari but are actually made from aluminium from original Borrani wheels.

Superbly detailed, they are also super light weight, making them the perfect cufflinks for that special shirt.

Ruote Borrani of Milan is renowned as a maker of wire wheels for sports and racing cars. Borranis have been standard equipment on some of the world's most famous automobiles and have taken some of the great drivers to GP and sports car championships. Borrani continues today employing old world craftsmanship and the latest technology to make the finest wire wheels available.

Made in the USA for The Driver's Society the Borrani Two-Ear Spinner Cufflinks are inspired by the spinners on the iconic Borrani wire wheels. The casting of the Borrani symbol and the Ruote Borrani name on the spinner are period correct to when the two-ear design was in use. Each cufflink is individually cast and polished.

Each piece is cast by hand and some porosity may occur from the aluminium casting.

Length 3cm

Also available as a 3 ear spinner cufflink.

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