Large Aluminium Concorde


In 1969 Concorde the world's only supersonic plane made it's maiden flight, with the first commercial flight taking place in 1973. By 1977 British Airways offered twice daily scheduled services from London to New York. The average flight time was 3 hours and 20 minutes; a Boeing 747 averaged more than 7 hours for the same journey. The plane's maximum speed was 1350mph.

On 26 November 2003 Concorde 216, the last plane to remain flying and the last to fly supersonically, made her final journey home to Filton. During her flying career, Concorde 216 flew 18,257 hours, made 5,639 supersonic flights and completed 6,045 landings.

Our large scale model of this iconic plane is clad in aluminium and sits on a cast aluminium base. An impressive addition to any home of office interior. Just like the original the nose can be tilted 

Size : 86 x 38 x 46cm

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