Spirit of St Louis

Officially known as the Ryan NYP (for New York to Paris), the single-engine monoplane was designed by Donald A. Hall of the aircraft manufacturer Ryan Airlines and was named The Spirit of St. Louis in honour of Lindbergh's supporters in his then hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The flight was inspired by the $25,000 Orteig Prize for the first non-stop flight between New York and Paris which Lindbergh would win in the monoplane.

The plane had a fuel capacity of 370 gallons which was necessary in order to have the range to make the anticipated flight non-stop. The large main fuel tank was placed in the forward section of the fuselage, in front of the pilot, which improved the centre of gravity. While locating fuel tanks at the front reduced the risk of the pilot's being crushed to death in the event of a crash, this design decision also meant that there could be no front windshield, and that forward visibility would be limited to side windows only. A periscope was installed to provide a forward view, as a precaution against hitting ship masts, buildings or trees while flying at low altitude. Lindbergh sat in a cramped cockpit which was 94 cm wide, 81 cm long and 130 cm high. The cockpit was so small, Lindbergh could not stretch his legs.

This lovely replica model of the Spirit of St Louis has great attention to detail which includes the inside of the cockpit.

Size: L31 x W49.5 x H9cm
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