Robin Bark - Man and Machine


Inspired by John Surtees riding a fully streamlined MV Augusta in the 1956 I.O.M. TT, this dynamic piece balances left or right in cornering stance. Its minimalist detailing echoes the Art-Deco period, but the dynamic energy of the piece makes it distinctly Futurist in style

This Robin Bark model of the stylised bike is cast in solid, marine grade aluminium, and fettled and finished by hand. All Robin's pieces have a clean simplicity and are very tactile, inviting the viewer to pick them up and handle them.

The form, movement and sense of speed are revealed as the highly polished surface interacts with the light.There are no plinths or stands, these pieces stand on their own and 'speak' for themselves.

They are produced in very small batches and are very collectable. The hand processes emphasise their individual qualities and each piece is signed and numbered by the artist. They are presented in a hand finished presentation/display box.

Robin studied Art for more than a decade, and has worked in advertising and freelance design as well as teaching and lecturing Design at college and university, including at Goldsmiths' University, London. Fascinated by cars and machines, he has drawn, painted and played with them for as long as he can remember.

Size : 11 x 7.5cm

Please note that Robin's models are mainly produced to order and delivery can take up to 6 weeks. The best things in life are worth waiting for.

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