Supermarine S6 Schneider Cup

The Schneider prize for seaplanes was first announced by Jaques Schneider, the French Under-Secretary for Air in 1911, with a prize of the then huge amount of £1000. It was meant to encourage progress in civil aviation but became a contest primarily about speed.

In the twenties it was a spur to aircraft development and in the end was seen as a test of nation`s strengths in aviation technology. It was largely due to the Schneider trophy that aircraft speeds rose from 150 mph at the end of the First World War, to over 400 mph in 1931. The race gave birth to the Spitfire and established the low drag liquid cooled engine as the fast fighter designers principal choice for power.

Reginald Mitchell was the young chief designer for the Supermarine Aviation Works which specialized in making amphibious aeroplanes. In 1929 Mitchell designed the Supermarine S6 that was powered by a new engine from Rolls-Royce with a staggering 1,900 horsepower. The Supermarine won the Schneider trophy with a speed of 328 mph. However, not long afterwards, the British Government withdrew financial support and the British prospect for 1931 looked bleak.

The extreme patriot, Lady Houston stepped in however and gave £100,000 towards the costs. The R engine was boosted to 2,000 horsepower. Come the day of the race the Supermarine S6B was the only British entry. It clocked up 340 mph to win, and one run was clocked at 379 mph, a new World speed record. It did not last for long however since the S6B broke it again two weeks later, raising it to a staggering 407 mph.

The Schneider trophy was therefore won outright by Britain. In the process many steps forward in aviation had taken place.

This model has been faithfully reproduced in kiln dried Mahogany. Each is carved, joined and sanded by hand. The deep, rich finish that distinguishes these models from all others is created by the application of up to 35 coats of enamel. The artist then hand paints all of the details onto each model resulting in a final product is a beautiful authentic wooden aircraft.

Scale - 1/24

Size: Length 38 x Width 38 x Height 15cm
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