Tinplate Blower Bentley

Go retro with our striking tinplate Blower Bentley finished in antiqued British Racing green.

This lovely model of the iconic Bentley is a replica of the supercharged Bentley built by Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin, described as "the greatest British driver of his day" One of the Bentley Boys, Birkin, aided by a former Bentley mechanic, decided to produce a series of five supercharged models for the Le Mans 24 Hours Race. Thus the 4½ litre Blower Bentley was born. The Bentley Blower No.1 was officially presented in 1929 at the British International Motor Show at Olympia, London, the first of 55 supercharged cars.

This lovely decorative model is made from tinplate and painted with an antiqued effect. The front wheel moves slightly from left to right. and the wheels rotate. All the other details are fixed.

Please note that this is a decorative item and is not a toy.

Made from tin plated metal with painted finish. Size : length 35cm, depth 13cm
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