Spad Bi-Plane Translucent


The Spad was a highly successful biplane fighter aircraft produced by Societe Pour L'Aviation et ses Derives, (SPAD) during the First World War. The plane was renowned as a sturdy and rugged aircraft with good climbing and diving characteristics. It was also a stable gun platform, although pilots used to the more manoeuvrable Nieuport fighters found it heavy on the controls. It was flown by a number of the famous aces, such as France's Georges Guynemer, Italy's Francesco Baracca and Australia's Alexander Pentland. Over 8000 were made and orders of around 10,000 were cancelled at the Armistice in 1918, demonstrating the important role the plane played in the British-French-American victory.

Handmade with fantastic attention to detail the Spad has a lighweight frame onto which silk fabric is stretched. On this translucent model the detailing of the frame remains visible, adding to its interest. The plane also has a laminated wooden propeller, spoke wheels with rubber tyres and metal hardware including landing gear.

The plane is supplied assembled, apart from some light assembly to attach the landing gear.

Size : width 76 x length 60 x height 23cm


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