Spad French Bi-Plane


The Spad was a highly successful biplane fighter aircraft produced by Societe Pour L'Aviation et ses Derives, (SPAD) during the First World War. The plane was renowned as a sturdy and rugged aircraft with good climbing and diving characteristics. It was also a stable gun platform, although pilots used to the more manoeuvrable Nieuport fighters found it heavy on the controls. This Spad XIII French model airplane is a replica of a plane nicknamed Vieux Charles, flown by Guynemer, and still revered in France today.  Guynemer was a top fighter pilot during WWI who shot down over 50 German planes. He himself was shot down in 1917 at the age of 22 and is celebrated as a national hero. 

Handmade with fantastic attention to detail the Spad has a lighweight frame onto which silk fabric is stretched. On this translucent model the detailing of the frame remains visible, adding to its interest. The plane also has a laminated wooden propeller, spoke wheels with rubber tyres and metal hardware including landing gear.

The plane is supplied assembled, apart from some light assembly to attach the landing gear.

Size : width 76 x length 60 x height 23cm


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