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Gift Food and Drink

Tasty treats for the glovebox and beyond. 

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Glovebox Treats Assorted Toffee

A lovely metal tin of assorted toffee, perfect for the glove box, featuring a Classic racing car ima..

Glovebox Treats Classic Fudge

A lovely metal tin of butter fudge, perfect for the glove box, featuring a classic racing car design..

Glovebox Treats Mint Imperials

A lovely metal tin of mint imperials, perfect for the glove box, featuring a historic racing car des..

Set of Three Prescott Ales

Three award winning ales from Prescott Brewery inspired by the world famous hill climb course. Th..

Camera Tin with Fudge

An amazingly realistic replica of a camera made into a tin filled with 100g of individually wrapped ..

Cassette Tin with fruit drops

The amazingly realistic cassette tin is filled with 25g of fruit drops and can be used for storage o..

Pocket Tin with Mint Imperials

A lovely tin, perfectly sized for the pocket or the glovebox,  with a choice of 3 different mot..

Racing Car tin with humbugs

A lovely gift tin featuring Jim Clark in the Lotus on the lid and filled with 125g of wrapped humbug..

Bucket of Chocolate Sports Cars

A great gift for men or boys, a clear sided bucket tin of foil wrapped chocolate sports cars. Treat..

Wheels Chocolate Road Signs

Treat any car enthusiast with these great chocolate road signs practically packed in a clear sided m..
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