Clocks for the wall, desk or shelf for the motoring or aviation fan. Inspired by dials and speedos and historic designs to create unique designs perfectly at home in the man den.

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Altimeter Alarm Clock

Positioned weightily on your bedside table or desk in its cast aluminum casing and solid brass hardw..

Sherman Desk Clock

The Sherman Desk clock is cast in solid brass case directly from a WWII original found on the dash p..

Fiorano Desk Clock

Inspired by vintage headlamps on classic cars the Fiorano desk clock, with its disctinctive cog oute..

Altimeter Desk Clock Black

Based on altimeters from WWII aircraft with its stout brass screws and rugged shape, this clock brin..

Dashboard Desk Clock

Featuring two period dials one black and one white, the Dashboard Table Clock allows you to display ..

Ascari Desk Clock

Inspired by vintage headlamps on classic cars the Ascari desk clock will add real style to your desk..

Art Deco Flight Desk Clock

An exact reproduction from the Art Deco original the Flight Desk Clock exudes 1930's glamour. Made f..

Royal Navy Clock

A stunning replica of a WWII US navy clock made from cast aluminium.The clock has a front hinged sec..

Speedo Wall Clock - Bugatti

Our Speedo wall clock is based on classic Bugatti speedometer from the 1930's. The clock faces an..

Library Eye of Time Clock

An anonymous watchmaker in Regency London once tried to design a travel clock that needed to be smal..

Porthole Eye of Time Clock

In an age when longitude was still defined by sextant and chronometer, the vessel’s wheelhouse carri..
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