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Donald Campbell K7 Bluebird

Donald Campbell began his record-breaking career in 1949. Hitherto, he had been using his father Sir..

Donald Campbell's Bluebird CN7

In 1956, Campbell began planning a car to break the land speed record, which then stood at 394 mph (..

Hawker Hurricane with Open Canopy

This Hawker Hurricane Mk1 R4118 UP-W was originally flown by No 605 Squadron RAF (County of Warwick)..

Land Speed 1935 Bluebird

The Campbell-Railton Blue Bird was Sir Malcolm Campbell's final land speed record car. His previ..

Spitfire MKIX with Open Canopy

The Supermarine Spitfire remains one of the classic fighter aircraft of all time, and certainly one ..

Supermarine S6 Schneider Cup

The Schneider prize for seaplanes was first announced by Jaques Schneider, the French Under-Secretar..
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