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At Me and My Car we don't like to see the car just left in the garage or on the drive. We believe you should take your passion into your home. So whilst its not practical or popular to park your car in the living room why not express your love of all things automobile through our selection of lifestyle products. All guaranteed not to drip oil on the carpet!

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Land Speed 1935 Bluebird

The Campbell-Railton Blue Bird was Sir Malcolm Campbell's final land speed record car. His previ..

Donald Campbell K7 Bluebird

Donald Campbell began his record-breaking career in 1949. Hitherto, he had been using his father Sir..

Donald Campbell's Bluebird CN7

In 1956, Campbell began planning a car to break the land speed record, which then stood at 394 mph (..

Tinplate Blower Bentley

Go retro with our striking tinplate Blower Bentley finished in antiqued British Racing green. Thi..

Tinplate Bugatti

Go a little French with our striking tinplate vintage Bugatti finished in an antiqued French racing ..

Tinplate Tow Truck

Our tinplate tow truck is straight out of the deep south. Made in a rustic style it makes a lovely a..

Sopwith Camel Vintage Propeller

A fabulous and unusual accessory and the perfect gift for any flight enthusiast. Wood propellers use..

Barnstormer Vintage Replica Propeller

A fabulous and unusual accessory and the perfect gift for any flight enthusiast. Wood propellers use..

Vintage Flight Propeller

A fabulous and unusual accessory and the perfect gift for any flight enthusiast. Wood propellers use..

Robin Bark - Ducati

Inspired by a famous Ducati victory in 1972, when Paul Smart, on a 750cc V-twin racer, triumphed ove..

Robin Bark - Jaguar E Type

The impact of the E Type at it's launch at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961 is now the stuff of J..

Robin Bark - Jaguar XK120 Coupe

Many rate the fixed-head coupe as the most gorgeous of all Jaguar XK120's with a roof line and teard..

Robin Bark - Jaguar XK120 HKV500

On the 30th May 1949, the Jaguar XK120 HKV500 was taken to the Jabekke-Ostend Highway in Belgium whe..

Robin Bark - Man and Machine

Inspired by John Surtees riding a fully streamlined MV Augusta in the 1956 I.O.M. TT, this dynamic p..

Robin Bark - Porsche 356

An Art Deco styled model of the Porsche 356, Porsche's first production car built in 1948. This R..

1928 Cadillac Headlamp Floor Light

Piercing the dark. Fronting a 'mile-long' curved and polished hood. Nestled between sculpted wheel f..

Replica Aeroplane Engine Sculpture ( set of 3)

Allow your passions to take centre stage as you proudly display your Aeroplane Engine Sculpture,&nbs..

Aluminium Concorde

The streamline design of this iconic plane looks perfect in this cast and polished aluminium model. ..

Spitfire Table Lamp

Part sculpture, part decorative table light the Spitfire tablelamp has a glass globe surrounded by t..

Replica Steamer Lamp

A beautiful lamp inspired by the classic funnels of steamer ships from the 1930's. The lamp is white..

Aluminium Mustang

The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang is an American long-range, single-seat fighter and fighter-..

Ford Trimotor

The Ford Trimotor, nicknamed "The Tin Goose", was Henry Ford's three-engined transport aircraft. Fi..

Hawker Hurricane with Open Canopy

This Hawker Hurricane Mk1 R4118 UP-W was originally flown by No 605 Squadron RAF (County of Warwick)..

Spitfire MKIX with Open Canopy

The Supermarine Spitfire remains one of the classic fighter aircraft of all time, and certainly one ..

Supermarine S6 Schneider Cup

The Schneider prize for seaplanes was first announced by Jaques Schneider, the French Under-Secretar..

Sopwith Camel Bi-Plane

The Sopwith Camel was a British World War I single-seat biplane fighter introduced on the Western Fr..

Spirit of St Louis

Officially known as the Ryan NYP (for New York to Paris), the single-engine monoplane was designed b..

Union Jack Pond Yacht

A lovely replica wooden pond yacht with sewn and hand finished sails made from cuttings of old nauti..

RMS Titanic

The infamous RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the ..

Small Riva Aquarama

The most famous of Carlo Riva’s designs, the Aquarama has become, over time, more than just a boat. ..
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