BB Korn Liberty Special Spindizzy Racer


The 1930's saw the introduction of a collection of model cars commonly known as 'spindizzies' or 'tether cars'. They were usually hand made, fitted with a model airplane engine and raced around a wooden track, just like the full sized racers of the day. The cars raced initially on a tether (cable) anchored to a central pivot, and as speeds increased one needed to spin around to watch them – just like flying a model airplane with the same dizzying sensation – hence the nickname “Spindizzies.”

The founder of the B.B. Korn Manufacturing Company, Barney Korn, produced several tether car models that now, as vintage antiques, achieve astounding sums at auction.

This splendid Special model is the latest edition to the range and pays homage to Korn's legacy. The model features a leather seat, a detailed dashboard, a replica (non-working) twin engine, a chrome radiator,gearstick and handbrake and lovely chrome and brass detailing throughout.

Constructed using original blueprints from the 1930's. Each car is handmade and finished in meticulous detail. Each was built from the ground up using plantation hardwood, recycled aluminium, brass and leather.

Size : L 48 x W22 x H 18cm

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