Dakota DC3 Plane

The DC-3 was the result of a marathon telephone call from American Airlines CEO C. R. Smith to Donald Douglas, during which Smith persuaded a reluctant Douglas to design a sleeper aircraft based on the DC-2 to replace American's Curtiss Condor II biplanes. Douglas agreed to go ahead with development only after Smith informed him of American's intention to purchase twenty aircraft. The new aircraft was engineered by a team led by chief engineer Arthur E. Raymond over the next two years, and the prototype DST (for Douglas Sleeper Transport) first flew on December 17, 1935 (the 32nd anniversary of the Wright Brothers' flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina). A version with 21 passenger seats instead of the sleeping berths of the DST was also designed and given the designation DC-3. There was no prototype DC-3; the first DC-3 built followed seven DSTs off the production line.

The amenities of the DC-3 and DST popularized air travel in the United States. With only three refueling stops, eastbound transcontinental flights crossing the U.S. in approximately 15 hours became possible. Westbound trips took 171⁄2 hours due to prevailing headwinds—still a significant improvement over the competing Boeing 247. This model is an incredible replica of the legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s, some of which are still flying in far-flung places like the Amazon and the Gobi Desert. This first limited edition production from Authentic Models of a hand-built model is produced in aluminium, complete with etched metal sheets and rivets. Extremely detailed with propellers and landing gear, it is a fabulous model to behold and will make a great accessory to any interior. Complete with display stand.

Size: L 64.5 x H 17 x W 97cm
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