CMC Auto Union Type C 1936-7


With the introduction of this legendary racing car in 1936,  The Auto Union Type C was introduced in 1936 and immediately became very successful in the Grand Prix events. The most popular driver of the Type C car was Bernd Rosemeyer, who won the 1936 European Championships. He continued his success in 1937 winning a further 5 Grand Prix victories.

This beautiful metal model of the Auto Union Type C is 1:28 scale and is hand-assembled from 1,191 single parts.

The model contains some lovely details such as a removable engine hood with real rubber o-rings for locking hooks, a moveable windscreen, a true-to-the-original replication of the 16-cylinder V-type engine with all aggregates, pipes and cabling, an openable fuel tank cap made of stainless steel and all finished with brilliant high gloss paintwork in a “Silver Arrow” – silver-finish

Size : 1:18 scale

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