Aluminium Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire remains one of the classic fighter aircraft of all time, and certainly one of the most instantly recognizable.

In the United Kingdom it has become a part of folklore- the aeroplane that saved the United Kingdom in the Battle of Britain. The fact that reality tells a different story does not diminish the psychological impact it has had over the years.

To some degree history has been rewritten by its success. In all, an estimated 22,579 Spitfires served in all spheres of the War and afterwards, and whenever a visual reconstruction has occurred of such events, they were generally rewritten to some degree around the aircraft available- almost entirely Spitfires.

That admitted, there remains the fact that the Spitfire was one of, if not the most effective fighters of its time. As an act of engineering it was at the cutting edge of technology from the mid 1930's until nearly 1950, and was extensively developed. It encompasses in one aircraft type most of the major developments of the end of the piston-engined fighter era.

For many people it is simply that the Spitfire is synonymous with the most effective aero engine of the War, the Rolls-Royce Merlin. Others simply admire the beautiful lines of the airframe.

This model is a dramatic and faithful reproduction in aircraft aluminium and has stunning details and a fully detailed cockpit with a sliding canopy. The plane can be mounted on the metal plinth supplied or can stand resplendent on its own wheels. The wings are packed separately for transit and require minor assembly.

Size: Length 60.5cm, Width 75.5cm, model height 17cm, height on stand 43cm

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